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Selecting an appropriate memorial is an important decision.  Whether you choose a small marker or a family monument, it is the meaning your stone symbolizes that is important. The size of the monument and the choice of finish are secondary.  Each memorial should have a special meaning.

This may be achieved in various ways.  For example, we may use as symbol a flower, a biblical quotation or an emblem that had special significance to our departed loved one. By thus using a design or symbol of special meaning, a marker can become truly personalized, not just another stone with names and dates.

You will find many examples of suggested lawn marker designs and lettering styles that have been selected by other families to give personal expression to their monuments. Any combination of these or other symbols can be utilized in making up your own particular design.  We present these suggestions to you in the hope that they will be helpful in planning your own family memorial.

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living" Marcus Tulliuis Cicaro
  • Largest inventory of quality domestic and imported colored granites

  • Presentation in the comfort of your home available, if desired

  • Eternal guarantee on all monuments

  • Custom design service

  • Work done on premises by our own craftsmen

  • Fastest delivery

  • Vandalism protection at no charge

  • Most competitive prices in Greater Boston

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